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    Stand-up comedy

    Stand-up comedy in tight pants.

    BayCare commercial (2020)

    Here's a SAG commercial I did. It played during Super Bowl LIV Tyler #sportball

    Improv comedy: Dream Reader

    We do this fun game at Florida Studio Theatre, where the host picks an audience member to share a dream they had. Then, each actor makes up a character to analyze and interpret the meaning on the spot.

    Improv comedy: Life's a Beach

    FST Improv riffs on Sarasota, Florida's plethora of roundabouts.

    Virtual comedy: Pants Optional

    Lots of venues aren't really open right now. But we're still doing new versions of the comedies. Pants Optional is available to perform at your virtual happy hour, weird birthday party, or girls only treehouse meeting.


    I teach and perform storytelling. Here's a story performance from my trip to Scotland. I'm gonna pretend my parents can't see this.

    Shufflepuck film (2018)

    Aw, it's a love story. Me + the scooter = adorable yellow babies. Here's a clip from a funny film shot right in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    BGABB film (2017)

    Scary movies make me nauseous. But this one was just weird and fun to make.

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