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    Stand-up comedy

    Stand-up comedy.

    BayCare commercial (2020)

    Here's a SAG commercial I did. It played during the Super Bowl #sportball

    Improv comedy: Dream Reader

    We do this fun game at Florida Studio Theatre, where the host picks an audience member to share a dream they had. Then, each actor makes up a character to analyze and interpret the meaning on the spot.

    Improv comedy: Life's a Beach

    FST Improv riffs on Sarasota, Florida's plethora of roundabouts.


    I teach and perform storytelling. Here's a story performance from my trip to Scotland. I'm gonna pretend my parents can't see this.

    Shufflepuck film (2018)

    Aw, it's a love story. Me + the scooter = adorable yellow babies. Here's a clip from a funny film shot right in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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