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where TF is charlie?

· Universe,Post-Mormon,Scarcity,Abundance

What does #Abundance mean?

Do you think it's real that once we let go of a Scarcity mindset and do the internal work required (?) to recognize, grow and lean into our Authentic selves, that the Universe will provide an abundance of opportunities to flourish?

That's a lot of platitude for a Monday. But maybe it's possible.

I try too much to #understand what that process looks like. Can you try too much to understand?

The Ex-Mormon in me wants a more comforting roadmap. A clearer Therefore What. Hell, I'll settle for a sketched-out trash napkin with the corner soaked off from maybe-coffee. Just gimme a Goddamn accountability buddy, Sky God!

A random benchmark, a flag, a cosmologic Hurrah:

"You're almost there, Natasha. Practically on the right path! Charlie forgot to put up that mile marker, and no one's jogging in front of you. But just push through that mud pond and LITERALLY hit the wall in front of you.

Bounce on it with video game joy, and I PROMISE that cement walk will release Labyrinth-style into a vine-covered path of butterflies.

And you, my precious sky star, will roll forward from that dirty trail marathon. Unabashed, with fresh eyes, and perfect Jennifer Connelly hair. A fresh tube of lipstick to mark your future OCD arrows."

That's all I want ... Where TF is Charlie?

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